One of the biggest hurdles for moving into a metal building has to be the fact that they are just not pretty.

On one hand, you’ll save a lot of money by not embellishing the front of your metal building home. But on the other hand, coming home to a plain metal building could be downright depressing.

So here are some ways to make a metal building look more like a home.

You could easily recreate this classic white farmhouse look on your metal building home.

How to add curb appeal to a metal building

The beauty of metal buildings is that they can be customized in infinite ways. And you can spend as much or as little money as you want and still achieve a welcoming look.

1. Choose a homey color

When you imagine an ugly metal building, it is often a plain beige building with few architectural details. So the quickest way to make a metal building look homier is to choose a pretty color for your siding.

Red metal siding looks charming on this country metal building home.
grey metal siding on metal building home
Dark grey siding and red trim are a modern look for this barndominium.
Beige siding and grey trim are inviting on this barndominium.
Green siding for a cottage look.
Wood siding makes a statement on the front of this metal building.

2. Add Wainscoting

Adding some detail to the bottom of your building gives it a richer look. While stone and brick are beautiful, simply changing the color of your siding will provide the same effect.

red metal building pool house
Red metal siding with stone wainscotting transforms a metal building into a home.
Red brick wainscoting on a Morton building home.
Two tone metal building home
You achieve the same look using metal siding instead of metal or brick.

3. Doors

The simple addition of beautiful doors can do a lot to improve the look of the front of a metal building home. Double front doors, glass patio doors, and embellished garage doors all add a welcome home detail.

Barn doors look simply charming on this cottage.
Go all black to make a strong statement.
Make a statement with extra large barn style garage doors.

4. Windows & Shutters

Windows not only let light into your home, but they are a design feature that significantly impacts your curb appeal. From size and shape to panes and trim color, you can do a lot to customize your metal building home with windows.

floor to ceiling windows cover the entrance to a white metal building home
Splurging on expansive windows on one side of your home can add a dramatic look to your curb appeal.
Tons of windows let in light and make this barndomansion seem more like a home.
Black shutters are the perfect accent on this barndocottage.
Don’t be afraid to incorporate garage style doors and windows in a metal building home.

5. Porches

Adding a front porch is one of the best ways to improve the look of a metal building home. Design a deep porch for rocking chairs or add a grand triangle to make your bardo go from minium to mansion.

Note the modern grey siding and barn red roof complete with cupula and chicken weathervane. For windows and doors, classic ‘5 over 4 and a door’ design never fails to make a good impression.
Barndominiums can accommodate large porches for family and friends to gather.
The brick accents on the pillars of this porch make the small building seem more grand.

6. Lighting

One of the most elegant touches to the front of your home is your lighting. The style you choose can absolutely affect the hominess of your metal building. Also consider how the home will appear at night.

In the evening, the lighting on this barndominium accentuates subtle architectural features of the home.
Farmhouse style lighting completes the look of this metal building event center.
Large sconces accent without overtaking this barndo front porch.

7. Landscaping

Don’t neglect the effect some landscaping can have on the front of your home. Layering trees, shrubs, flowers, and annuals will make your metal building feel more like home.

Green grass and shrubs will fill in to soften the front of this cottage.
Simple landscaping accents the entry to this barndominium.
Landscaping adds the final touch to this metal building home with a pool.

How would you make a metal building home prettier?

Share your ideas in the comments below!

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