The commercial kitchen is all about function over form. Sleek stainless steel is nearly indestructible and easily wipes down to a sparkling clean. Open shelving makes storing dishes and spices as uncomplicated as it gets.

We can mimic these same elements when designing a chef’s kitchen at home. From stainless steel everywhere to a few key commercial appliances, you can add as much or as of the restaurant kitchen style as you like.

Restaurant quality appliances are sleek in the home kitchen. source:

Commercial Kitchen Design Elements

For the home chef or the busy family, adding some commercial features to your barndominium kitchen can be both functional and beautiful.

Luckily, building out a metal building home means you have a clean slate to design the kitchen of your dreams. Here are some ways to add a sparkling restaurant style to your home kitchen.

Stainless Steel Countertops

In a chef’s kitchen, everything is stainless even the countertops. Because of its durability stainless is a great choice for countertops, but it is expensive.

If you’re not looking to go cover all your counters in stainless steel, an easy way to add a commercial look to your kitchen is to put in a stainless steel topped island.

You could also put stainless counters around just the stove or sink, and cover the rest of the kitchen with granite. Feel free to mix it up because stainless looks great alongside other surfaces including wood and quartz.

Stainless counters with a built-in sink. source: Pinterest
Stainless waterfall countertop in an urban kitchen. source: Remodelista
Easy to clean and beautiful stainless steel countertops.
Stainless steel countertops bend well with other surfaces.
Commercial kitchen touches don’t have to lend a cold feel to your kitchen.

Stainless Steel Cabinets

If you want to make a strong commercial kitchen statement at your home, swap out some of your traditional wood cabinets for stainless steel cabinets.

You don’t have to commit to the whole room. Consider adding a stainless pantry cabinet, center island, or corner coffee bar to your home kitchen.

Chef’s kitchen dream island. source:
Restaurant quality appliances, sleek stainless steel, and rustic stone floors.
Commercial kitchen features work well with a modern industrial style in an urban apartment.

Commercial Gas Range

If you want a commercial kitchen look, you absolutely must include a commercial gas range. Not only will it transform your kitchen, but it will also transform your cooking.

Some commercial ranges can be bulky (not to mention expensive). But since the look is becoming more popular, you can find residential units from big commercial brands as well as commercial details on residential brands.

Wolf gas ranges are some of the best.
Customize your Wolf brand gas range to fit your style.
Viking brand ranges are popular in commercial kitchens.

Commercial Kitchen Elements: Open Shelving

An essential part of the commercial look is open shelving both above and below your counter surfaces. This facilitates easier cleaning in both the restaurant and the home kitchen.

Wood shelves add warmth to a bright kitchen.
Stainless steel counters and shelving look great in this home chef’s kitchen.
Stainless steel everywhere.

Chef’s Kitchen Style Wire Shelves

Extending the commercial look into the pantry and food storage areas, use plain wire shelving to make storing food and small appliances simple.

Wire shelving for storing food and small appliances.
Wire shelving under the counters for pots and pans.
Make the most of your space with wire shelf storage.

Restaurant Quality Appliances

Beyond the range, commercial refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers can be used in the home kitchen. Mixing commercial appliances with traditional cabinetry is stylish and functional.

Large commercial refrigeration unit in a home kitchen.
Stainless steel wine cooler that might be large enough.

Commercial Kitchen Sink

Commercial kitchens always have a 3 compartment sink for dishwashing and separate food sinks for washing food. Consider adding a deep freestanding primary or secondary sink to accomplish a commercial look.

Stainless steel countertop with apron front sink.
Stainless steel countertop with apron front sink.
Three compartment sink in a small farmhouse kitchen.
Commercial kitchen design calls for a deep stainless sink.
Large double stainless steel sink is a welcome utility in a chef’s kitchen.

Restaurant Kitchen Design: Lighting

In a chef’s kitchen, lighting is as important as the appliances you choose. When wielding knives, visibility is key, but those bright lights also reflect off the all the stainless steel for a beautiful effect.

Choose recessed or track lighting, or make a statement with some industrial style fixtures.

Simple white pendant lighting compliment the restaurant kitchen style.
Polished stainless steel light fixtures add sparkle.
Beautiful light filled commercial kitchen design.

Chef’s Kitchen Furniture

Commercial kitchens don’t always have furniture, but in a barndominium, you may have space for some bar stools, a dining table, or a hutch right in your kitchen.

Butcher block and wooden stools are right at home in a pastry chef or baker’s kitchen. Bar height stainless tables and metal stools are a sleek and modern look.

Butcher block countertops and wooden stools in a chef’s kitchen.
Bright white and stainless steel commercial kitchen design.
You can seat a lot of family at this restaurant kitchen style stainless steel table.

Elements of commercial kitchen design

What restaurant style elements could you see in your home? Share your ideas in the comments!